1511, 2017

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day highlights the importance of Universal Health Coverage for those with life limiting illness

Author: Kate Jackson, WHPCA 13 October 2017 On 14 October, over 150 events in more than 45 countries around the world will celebrate World Hospice and Palliative Care Day and Voices for Hospices 2017. The [...]

510, 2017

I’m dying of brain cancer. I prepared to end my life. Then I kept living.

I still believe in a person’s right to assisted dying. But now my feelings are not so clear-cut. By Jeffrey Davitz September 29 Jeffrey Davitz is a scientist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur focused on artificial [...]

2709, 2017

Children need frank discussions about death, says author Lee Crowther

Author: Leila Hawkins 19 September 2017 Lee Crowther is the author of The Grandad Gran Prix, a children's book aiming to help kids come to terms with the death of a family member. Crowther wrote [...]

2609, 2017

La alimentación artificial es un tratamiento y se puede eliminar, según la ley de muerte digna

Los expertos alaban la futura normativa del testamento vital, en la que un paciente podrá decidir sobre el final de su vida Marián Martínez Oviedo 26.09.2017 | 03:39 La alimentación y la hidratación artificiales no [...]

1209, 2017

Doctors want to give their cancer patients every chance. But are they pushing off hard talks too long?

By BOB TEDESCHI @bobtedeschi SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 A new generation of immune-boosting therapies has been hailed as nothing short of revolutionary, shrinking tumors and extending lives. When late-stage cancer patients run out of other options, some [...]

2808, 2017

Nursing homes provide palliative care for older persons in Bogotá

Author: Dr Katherine Irene Pettus, Advocacy Officer, IAHPC 23 August 2017 Although the dominant culture in Colombia traditionally values familial care for dependent elders, that culture is being eroded by the modern imperative of small [...]